Energy Control by Weather Data

Energy Savings

Proper Control of Load for Energy Savings.

Air conditioning loads can drastically change on a daily basis from surrounding weather conditions and indoor loads. For this reason, remote tuning is performed according to weather to prevent excessive heating or cooling.

Daikin Advantage

Optimal Settings by Weather Conditions

Optimal energy regulation is proposed remotely based on weather forecasts and operation of HVAC equipment.

Analysis of Operation Data

Data is analyzed using Daikin HVAC expertise, and energy efficiency simulations are performed based on HVAC operation conditions collected from remote monitoring.

Sending of Energy –Saving Plan

An effective energy-saving plan and optimization of HVAC operations is proposed based on collected data.

Identification of Wasted Energy

Energy waste can be detected and controlled by easily visible categories such as business location or equipment system. Contracted parties with Internet access can display energy data on a computer or tablet and use this for energy management. Data is analyzed and energy efficiency simulation is performed based on HVAC operation.


Data sent by the local controller is remotely monitored to provide service staff with advance notice when trouble occurs and enable a prompt response.

Example of Overhaul for a Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor

Energy-saving Air-conditioning Network Service System

*A service contract with Daikin is necessary for utilizing the Energy-saving Air-conditioning Network Service System. If you would like a service estimate, please contact us.