All about the mini split heating system

split heating system

If you’re considering a modern or updated heating system in your home or workplace, you have arrived at the right home. To begin with let us recommend a mini-split heating unit for you as the right choice. Mini-split systems have a plenty to offer as it gives homeowners a more affordable, convenient, and efficient method for enliven and heating their living spaces. Afterall, the air conditioning purchase must be sought after decision. Let us understand that 18000 BTU Inverter split AC price in Kenya is an amount that is research driven and so is the case for mini split heating system.

In today’s upbeat and advanced market you can have a broad array of broad range of top-quality ductless heating solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Investigate more and get all your queries on mini-split system as an option for your home answered. You can also connect with one of our experts and get answers for all your air conditioning enquiries.



A mini-split heating system which is also known as a ductless mini-split is purposed for dual uses, The HVAC unit that provides both heating and cooling for your home and workplace. Distinguished from the conventional air cons or a conventional furnace, a mini-split heating unit consists of two units linked via refrigerant lines: namely an outdoor condenser and one or more indoor air handlers. Each of these is installed in the rooms for the heating purpose. It will begin to transfer low-temperature heat from the outdoors inside your desired home or work space to keep you warm in the cold months. 

It is safe to say that the ductless heating systems are quite varied on its features, which allows users to consistently maintain an inside temperature without breaking their budget as winter season hits. This will let all home and work owners the season and warmth inside their spaces but also maintain their utility budgets and prices.  


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