Amazing Facts About Residential Air Conditioning Systems You Must Know

Whether you are using a 2 ton inverter AC or a normal window AC, air conditioning is nothing less than a boon for people living in hotter climates. Though the concept of modern air conditioning is nothing new, it is always interesting to know unusual things about this new way of keeping indoors cool and comfortable during summers.

Let’s get to know some amazing things about air conditioning.

1. The first AC was invented in 1902

A skilled engineer by profession, Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first AC in 1902 to cool the air and eliminate the moisture. He was engaged in the rules of humidity management to handle an application at a printing facility in New York.

2. ACs were earlier meant to dry ink

Willis invented the air conditioner to retain the expansion and contraction of his paper with an objective to dry the ink on the paper quickly and without smudges. He was quite impressive with his invention as he was able to eradicate humidity.

3. The first residential air conditioning system was quite big

Do you know the first AC was over 7 feet high, 20 feet long, and 6 feet wide? Though it was so big, many people were ready to spend an amount of up to $50,000 for one unit.

4. ACs played a role in enhancing human life expectancy

Air conditioning has been playing a role when it comes to increasing life expectancy of people. Research done at Harvard University revealed that since the early 1990s, people residing in areas where the average daily temperature goes over 75 degrees have been living longer than people who are closer to cooler regions.

5. ACs promoted summer blockbuster

ACs are one of the reasons why summer blockbusters are so popular. People found it really easy and comfortable to entertain themselves when the outside temperature is hot and humid. This made air conditioning an integral part of commercial spaces.


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