Exploring Different Types of Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Due to the ruthless heat of the sun, it has now become necessary to opt for residential air conditioning systems. They lower the temperature of your house, maintain humidity levels, and make your place more comfortable during the summer. However, if you want your Daikin air conditioning system to be highly efficient, you must find the most appropriate one for your home.

Before you start exploring Daikin’s range of ACs, you first need to learn how many distinct types of air conditioning systems are there for residential purposes. Here are the common ones that you can find in the market.

Window Air Conditioning System

As the name suggests, these systems are fitted through the windowsill or a slot on the wall. These are single-unit systems which have all their parts in one place. If you are opting for them, you must ensure that the wall opening or windowsill is completely sealed to increase the efficiency of the system.

Split Air Conditioning System

In these Daikin ACs, the structure gets split into two units. There is a small indoor unit fitted on the room’s wall, containing the evaporator, cooling coils and cooling fan. There is also one outdoor unit that contains all other parts of the system, like the compressor and condenser. The benefit of these residential air conditioning systems is flexibility. You can keep the outdoor unit away from visibility, so your room looks tidy.

Other Options

There are a few other options in the market, like the duct air conditioning systems, which have a single-unit system that throws air through the ductwork into the entire house. These are generally preferred in large areas, but you can also explore them, if you like.

Now that you know about the diverse types of air conditioning systems, you can easily go through Daikin’s range and select the best energy efficient air conditioner for your home. For any other confusion, you can always get help from the experts. They will guide you through the options as per your requirements.


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