Some common mistakes to avoid in hot & humid weather

Some Common Mistakes

For most of us hot and humid is truly the worst kind of summer weather. It's even bad when in such times your 2 ton split ac would just not cool appropriately. Or even when it does, you're worried about your energy bill taking a hit.

In this blog we will walk you through several common air conditioning mistakes that you might be making at home. If you fix these issues it will result in faster and more efficient air cooling, greater comfort, and less wasted energy, which means lesser expense on electricality bills.  

Incorrect AC size

The most common mistake we make is much before you turn on your AC, it is to buy a wrong size AC unit for your space. Please note that AC window units are designed keeping in mind a particular amount of "air space", and if your room is too big or too small for the designed unit it won’t be as effective.

AC window units are standardised as per the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, typically in the range of 5,000 to 15,000. A rule at back of the hand is that every square foot of room space requires 20 BTU, plus 600 BTU for each person regularly occupying the room. You may also have to amp it up by an additional 10 percent pertaining to the high ceilings of the room or if it receives a lot of sunlight, etc.

Similarly, there are repercussions if you opt for a bigger unit for a smaller space. An oversized AC unit will supply maximum cool air while still staying defeated to the humidity! This latent humidity will make the room warmer forcing the machine to pump more cool air thus increasing your energy expense and damaging the machine after a point.  

Long term benefits

A common mistake amongst people who are looking for cost effective air conditioning is that they are often mistaken by the upfront 1 ton split ac price which is high and go for the next alternative, but instead such air conditioners will help you save a lot on your electricity bills and offer long term benefits.

Do not open your windows and doors

Before we dive into this mistake, let us take a quick know through of how air conditioners work: The AC unit takes in the warm air from the room and then this warm air is passed over a refrigerant that absorbs thisa heand cools it before blowing it back into your room. The initially absorbed heat is expelled out through the back of the unit.

Now, that you know the setup, you have an idea how imperative it is to mount a window AC unit to a closed window (or piped outside). A central AC unit can however be located outside of the house. The  simple rule of the thumb that goes is that the "inside air" and the "outside air" need to be isolated in order to enable a smooth functioning of the air onditioner. If your windows or doors are open, the heat will not get expelled and will keep coming back in.


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