Which 1-Ton Split AC is the Best Choice for Your Bedroom?

1-ton split AC

Isn't it the best feeling to come home after a long day, turn on the AC, and jump into bed to watch Netflix? You can make this experience all the better by investing in an efficient AC that lasts a long time. The perfect air conditioner for your bedroom is the Daikin JTKJ35U which is a 1-ton energy-saving split AC. The MRP is around Rs.55,500 which is quite reasonable for a 1-ton split AC price and the features you get with it.

Superior Cooling

  • The Coanda Airflow alongside the Power-Airflow Dual Flaps ensure efficient and even cooling in every corner of the room.
  • The Cross Flow Evaporator Fans ensure uniform airflow up to 16 metres away.
  •  The Power Chill technology cools the room at a 20% faster rate than normal, so you can quickly cool down and relax after stepping inside after a hot day.
  • All Daikin ACs are designed to deliver supreme cooling even at extreme temperatures as high as 54°C.

Pure and Filtered

  • Daikin’s cutting-edge Dew Clean technology along with the patented Streamer Discharge technology cleans the heat exchanger unit automatically, getting rid of bacteria, mould and other particles to ensure fresh, clean air.

Power Saving

  • The ECONO mode helps in power consumption by giving you control over the power consumption.
  • The Good Sleep Off Timer feature lets you gain control over excessive cooling and ensures your peaceful slumber remains uninterrupted.
  • The Intelligent Eye feature further helps save power by detecting motion in the room and switching to energy-saving accordingly.


  • The Triple Display system shows the 3 key optimum running features on the display panel to keep you notified about the well-being of the system.
  • In case you ever face any issues, the Automatic Error Code Display will help identify and display the error, leading to a fast resolution.

Warranty Benefits

  • The 10-year warranty on the compressor and 5-year warranty on the PCB provide extra assurance on the maintenance and cooling.

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