Which is better 18000 BTU Inverter Split Ac or a 24000 BTU Split AC?

Which is better 18000 BTU Inverter Split Ac or a 24000 BTU Split AC?

Are you looking to buy an air conditioner for your home? If yes, don’t forget to look at the BTU of the air conditioner you are interested it. Most buyers don’t pay attention this commonly used term in air conditioning world and end up getting an either an under-efficient AC or an over-efficient one.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit which is typically a power measurement unit. Put simply, 1 BTU refers to the power required by an appliance to heat a pound of water by 1ºF. In regard to air conditioning, this unit showcases the amount of energy used to eliminate heat from a room within an hour.

For deeper understanding, it is suggested to compare BTUs with calories. This is because both of them are used to measure power and air conditioners need the proper amount of power for mal functioning. Under powering or overpowering could cause damage to the AC unit and deliver inefficient cooling. Since air conditioners transfer energy from inside to outside and vice versa, BTUs indicate the efficiency of an AC. For instance, an 18000 BTU inverter split AC would eliminate 18000 BTUs from a room within an hour.

At the outset, it can be derived that the higher the BTUs, the more powerful an air conditioning unit is. BTU can also be used for other elements like chillers, heat puts, and other heating and cooling systems. In other terms, BTUs indicates the cooling and heating efficiency of an appliance in comparison to the amount of energy that is needed for its operation.

If you are looking for 18000 BTU Inverter Split Ac Price in Kenya, do remember that it would cost less than the price of a 24000 BTU split AC due to change in its effectiveness. Keep in mind the actual size of your room before comparing an 18000 BTU AC price with other options.


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