Daikin inverter AC models to select your best air conditioning settings this season!

Daikin Inverter AC 1.5

Planning to buy an air conditioner but worried about the electricity bills? Air conditioners are the biggest energy guzzlers at home, among all electronic appliances. Being a long-term investment, it makes it all the more important to take the right decision while buying an AC unit since it also involves your utility bills and other costs such as installation and maintenance etc. Confused about whether to buy a 2 ton split AC or 1.5-ton inverter AC? Don’t know which one to choose? We are listing down a few factors here to make your next AC purchase easier and hassle-free. Now choose the best AC brand in East Africa for your homes!

Capacity: The capacity of the air conditioner should be considered depending on the floor size of the room for which the AC is required. There is a considerable amount of difference when it comes to price as well as the cooling efficiency between a 1 ton split AC and a 2-ton energy saving split AC. Make get the air conditioner with optimum tonnage to suit your room size before swiping off your card!

Energy efficiency: Today, with rising mercury levels and increasing electricity tariffs, an energy-efficient model of an air conditioner is a must-buy. Air conditioners come with star rated energy efficiency ratings; also called EER, which has been standardised by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Therefore, any unit with more stars will consume lesser electricity than one with a lower star rating. Daikin 1.5 Ton Energy Saving Air Conditioner are one of the most optimum ones to select from the range.

Split or window AC: Another deciding factor is whether you want a window AC or a split model. Though window units are cheaper and easy to install, split ACs are quieter, aesthetically more pleasing and provide better air distribution.

Product Price & Air Quality: Price is another important factor to consider as more features and higher star ratings account for a higher price tag. Also, indoor air quality is very important when installing ACs at home. A good filter not only ensures clean air but also enhances the cooling performance and energy efficiency of AC by preventing the choking of evaporator coil due to dust.

Installation requirements: The window AC is a compact unit designed to be attached to the windows. A split AC has a compressor unit outside the house and one indoor unit inside the room, specifically designed for better flow of air.

Cooling speed: Ideally, the AC should have an adjustable thermostat (temperature setting) and at least two cooling speeds, including a minimum of two fans, speed as you may want to use variable speeds for different times of the day. Additionally, an energy-efficient setting will be a beneficial addition as it helps in saving energy while providing optimum cooling.


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