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Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Heating and air conditioning units come in all shapes and sizes, from small, portable units to industrial-sized ones.

How Do Air Conditioners Work

Are you a curious mind who likes to break down stuff, pull things apart and figure it out yourself for no particular reason except that it is fun? Well then, you have come to the right place.

Best Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

We all can agree that time when we expect the maximum expense on electricity is the summer time as it is the time when our air conditioners are working day and night continuously. As compared to winters, these summer months use up the most of the power and lead to high electricity bills.

Residential air conditioning systems

Living in the times where the market is sprawling a plethora of options for all kinds of electrical appliances from an extension board to advanced air conditioners, purchase can become quite a troubled task!

Inverter ACs

Inverter air conditioning systems are the latest addition to the technologically advancing club of home applications. With recent years of its advent it has also become quite popular..

Inverter AC

Are you looking for a 1.5 Ton Energy Saving Air Conditioner for your home, and confused if you should get an inverter AC or a 5-star non-inverter AC? If yes, this post is for you. Below you can find all the differences between the two, and make an informed decision. Let us get started!

air conditioner purchase

The summer season calls for cooling weather and eased temperature by the air conditioner. For the initial time or advancing from traditional AC to a modern air conditioning system, you should be searching to buy the best ACs available in India without extra spending.

split heating system

If you’re considering a modern or updated heating system in your home or workplace, you have arrived at the right home.

Some Common Mistakes

For most of us hot and humid is truly the worst kind of summer weather. It's even bad when in such times your 2 ton split ac would just not cool appropriately. Or even when it does, you're worried about your energy bill taking a hit.

Daikin Inverter AC

Planning to buy an air conditioner but worried about the electricity bills? Air conditioners are the biggest energy guzzlers at home, among all electronic appliances. Being a long-term investment,